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Fleet Driver Training

Did you know, all companies, no matter how small, are responsible for the safety of their employees. If you have more than five employees, you must by law provide driver training for any employee who drives as part of their work duty.

There are an estimated 3 million company cars on the road. Approximately one in every three road crashes involve a vehicle being driven for work. That's 3 deaths EVERY DAY involving company vehicles

How does Fleet Driver Training benefit your company?

Along with reducing the company's fuel bill, other benefits include employees driving in a much improved, professional manner. Also, the company saving money on fleet insurance and costly engine, tyre and clutch wear. There's also improvements in terms of employee and public safety, as well as a reduction in employee sickness absences and accident repair bills. 

Consider the advantages, against the cost of defence against criminal prosecutions and civil litigation.

Our Individually Tailored Fleet Driver Training Programme includes:

  • Pre Vehicle Checks
  • Presentation on Occupational Road Risks
  • Initial Driving Assessment
  • On Road Driver Training and Coaching
  • Demonstration Drive if appropriate

Our aim is to raise the individual awareness of the driver to their responsibilities on the road.

A two hour Fleet Driver Practical Training Programme costs £60 per driver.
Hours can be arranged around your schedule.

Telephone:  07833497190
email:  enquiries@clubdrive.co.uk

DVSA Fleet Registered; RoSPA Gold; Member of Institute of Advanced Motorists IAM