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The Cockpit Drill

What is the Cockpit Drill?

Before starting the engine of your car, you should make a series of safety checks, and to ensure they are done correctly, they should be done in the following order:







These can be remembered using: DHSSSM


You should check that your door is closed and then visually look in your mirrors and look around to check that all the other doors are closed.


Check that the handbrake is on, (ie. in the 'up' position).


When sitting in a driving position, you should be able to depress the clutch fully without having to stretch your leg. The seat may also be adjusted up or down, and you should ensure the head restraint is behind the centre of the head.


When sitting in the normal driving position, you should be able to hold the steering wheel at 'ten to two' or 'quarter to three' with your arms slightly bent.


Ensure that the seatbelt fastens securely, and when you give the belt a quick tug at chest level, it should operate correctly.


Adjust the interior mirror so that it frames the back window of the car and also so that the corner of your head is just about visible. Adjust the wing mirrors so that you can see part of the side of your vehicle and the road.