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Recommended Books

What to Expect on your Driving Test



Manoeuvres don't have to be tricky! This book covers all the manoeuvres that you need to know for the new driving test that was introduced in December 2017, plus a few extra should you want to try them. Debbie Brewer is a DVSA Approved Driving Instructor and in her experience she has found many different methods for teaching the manoeuvres. The methods described in this book are those that she has found to be most useful to her pupils. "I have often been asked by my pupils to write down step by step instructions for each manoeuvre as we learn them, so that they can take the instructions home. This helps them embed their new knowledge by re-reading about what they have learnt in lesson. It also helps them if they are able to use the book to practice in their own car." The manoeuvres covered in this book include the new test manoeuvres and also the old ones, should you feel like adding to your skills. This book is also helpful to PDIs and ADIs, as finding knew ways to teach manoeuvres is always useful!

Step by Step Guide to the Driving Test Manoeuvres



Debbie Brewer has been an enthusiastic DVSA Approved Driving Instructor for several years and has sat in the back of many UK driving tests. This little book is up to date with the new driving test that was launched in Dec 2017, and has been written in an easy to read style describing the driving test, in detail, from start to finish, to give the pupil a clear idea of what to expect. It also includes a handy frequently asked questions section and as an added bonus, all the DVSA Show Me Tell Me questions. The more prepared the pupil is for the test, the better their chances of passing first time! 

Motorways, An Essential Guide to Driving on the Motorway



Driving on the motorway for the first time can be particularly daunting. Traffic is moving at a much faster rate, so things can change very quickly, and for a new driver, that can be quite scary. Even for an experienced driver, some motorway situations can be very challenging, and updating your knowledge is always a wise idea. It is essential to have a sound understanding of the rules of the motorway so that you can keep yourself and other road users safe at all times, and this little book is designed to give you that extra confidence and knowledge that you will need. Whether this is your first time driving on a motorway, or you have driven on it many times, you will find this book packed full of useful information. So enjoy reading, learn and ingest the advice, and always have a pleasant, calm and safe drive on the motorway. This book is also extremely handy for driving instructors planning to teach motorways, or use motorways as a teaching subject on their standards check.

Show Me Tell Me Questions for the Driving Test



This handy little book provides an up to date comprehensive list of all the UK driving test show me tell me questions that can be asked, together with the answers to revise and refer to. This is anessential tool for anyone learning to drive. 

The Official DSA Guide to Learning to Drive

The Official DSA Theory Test for Car Drivers

The Official DSA Guide to Driving the Essential Skills

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